Category : 4. Clearwater Valley

H.R. MacMillan Cabin trail (page 312)

The Trout Creek footbridge on the MacMillan Cabin trail washed out in July 2020. You may be able to wade across Trout Creek at low water (late summer and fall).

Spahats Canyon footbridge (page 291-292)

On July 2, 2020, a major rainstorm in the Trophy Mountains caused a flood that rushed down Spahats Creek and into the Clearwater River, carrying huge amounts of debris and

Moul Falls (pages 299-303)

As of 2020, the Moul Falls trail holds the record for the most popular short trail in Wells Gray Park, short meaning 30 minutes to 1 hour one-way. Consequently, the

Birch Bluffs Rim (pages 306-307)

The second of the two connecting trails to the Grouse Creek bridge above Moul Falls is signed to McDiarmid Falls, Clearwater River, and Birch Bluffs Rim Trail.