Spahats Canyon footbridge (page 291-292)

Spahats Canyon footbridge (page 291-292)

On July 2, 2020, a major rainstorm in the Trophy Mountains caused a flood that rushed down Spahats Creek and into the Clearwater River, carrying huge amounts of debris and boulders. The footbridge on the Clearwater River Trail crossing Spahats Creek below the falls was destroyed.

You can still hike the section of the Clearwater River Trail from First Canyon to Spahats Canyon, as described on pages 289-293. The footbridge in the photo on page 292 is gone. This next section of the River Trail to the south was not included in the 6th edition because it was seriously overgrown and difficult to find some parts when the author hiked it in 2014. BC Parks volunteers completely refurbished this trail in 2016. Access is now possible from the Natural Bridge trailhead at km 8.8 of Clearwater Valley Road. When Spahats Creek is low (late summer and fall), it may be possible to wade across at the bridge site, then follow the trail up to the rim at the Spahats Falls viewpoint.

BC Parks has no timeline for replacing the Spahats Canyon footbridge. It was last washed out in 1999 and replaced in 2002. A new bridge has to be designed, built, and flown in by helicopter which is time-consuming and costly.


  1. Hello

    April 28 2021 I hiked into the natural bridge on the Clearwater river trail – some glow down and when I got to the “bridge” very hard to see where it was due to blowdown.

    Mid April hiked the flatiron Trail and experienced a lot of blowdown.

    Sending a letter to Roland regarding Murtle Lake last summer / it is hoped he can guide me where to direct this information.

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