H.R. MacMillan Cabin trail (page 312)

H.R. MacMillan Cabin trail (page 312)

The Trout Creek footbridge on the MacMillan Cabin trail washed out in July 2020. You may be able to wade across Trout Creek at low water (late summer and fall).

The Hemp Creek footbridge is mentioned on this page as a side trail. It gives access to Green Mountain via the West Hemp Creek Trail and the Hoodoos Rim Trail. Neither of these trails were included in the 6th edition as they were overgrown and difficult to follow in 2014. The Hemp Creek bridge was also washed out in July 2020. This has been the fate of this bridge several times over the past 30 years. You will need hip-waders to ford Hemp Creek most of the year, if you really want to hike the trails on the other side.

BC Parks is planning to replace both bridges, but this may take several years, mainly due to availability of funding.

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