Moul Falls (pages 299-303)

As of 2017, the Moul Falls trail seems to hold the record for the most popular short trail in Wells Gray Park, short meaning 30 minutes to 1 hour one-way. Consequently, the parking lot which seemed huge when it was built in 2005 is now woefully inadequate. On warm summer days, vehicles overflow the parking lot onto the shoulders of the Park road. The Ministry of Transportation is very concerned about this congestion. One of the factors which is slowing down an expansion is that the parking lot is not in Wells Gray Park, yet the trail goes into the Park. Various ministries are involved such as Transportation & Infrastructure; Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations; and Environment (BC Parks). Tentative plans are for the parking lot to be two or three times the current size. As of May 2020, there is no sign of any expansion work starting.

However, there is welcome news. Ministry of Forests has installed a pit toilet at the parking lot which opened in July 2018. The Wells Gray Gateway Protection Society. Tourism Wells Gray, and the author have been urging government to build this facility for the past year.

Three interpretive signs were installed along the Moul Falls trail in September 2019. These are located near the parking lot, at 2.2 km where there is a view of Grouse Creek, and at the top of Moul Falls. A grant from the Park Enhancement Fund to Tourism Wells Gray made these informative signs possible.

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