Moul Falls via Sabre Tooth Canyon Rim (page 304)

Moul Falls via Sabre Tooth Canyon Rim (page 304)

This trail should not be used as described. It crosses a woodlot on Crown Land and extensive logging was done during the winter of 2018-2019.  The logging removed many dead pine trees from the infestation of the pine bark beetle in 2005-2007, leaving the trail almost impassable. To get to the Sabre Tooth Canyon viewpoint, we suggest hiking from Moul Falls and returning the same way. This trail is not signed and starts on the left where the main trail starts to descend to the bottom of Moul Falls.

The first part of the trail has a steep climb, then it levels off and meanders through the forest. The Park Boundary sign indicates that you are leaving Wells Gray Park and entering Crown Land. The nearby clearing with some ropes between trees used to be a place where horses on guided trips to Moul Falls were tied up, and their riders walked the rest of the way to the falls. This business closed in 2013.

The Sabre Tooth Canyon viewpoint is reached after about 25 mins or 1.2 km walk along this trail. Here you are about 170 m above the Clearwater River. See description on page 305. 


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