Raft Mountain Summit (pages 241-245)

Raft Mountain Summit (pages 241-245)

A Kamloops Hiking Club group, led by Roland Neave, completed all 5 summits of Raft Mountain on August 22, 2015. Here is some new information because Roland was unable to check this in summer 2014 when hiking for the book revisions was done (the corniced snowslope beyond #2 was too dangerous).

Elevation of the col between #2 and #3 Summits is 2305 m, a little higher than quoted on page 244. The descent from #2 to the col and ascent to #3 takes about an hour.

The descent from #4 to the col between #4 and #5 is 106 m, not 60 m as stated on page 245. Elevation of #5 is 2357 m. The directions to descend from #5 are correct. The draw with the “light-brown soil” is very steep but is the best route to avoid rock scrambling. At the bottom in the Willis Basin, follow a route south of Willis Lake, not to the north as stated on page 245. Walk through various small meadows and open forest (no bushwhacking needed), descending gradually into the old avalanche path on the south side of the lake. Then follow the lakeshore west to the outlet, cross the creek, and find the trail back to your vehicle.

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