Backcountry skiing on Trophy Mountain (page 385)

Backcountry skiing on Trophy Mountain (page 385)

Comment submitted by Tom Meland of Clearwater. You mention that backcountry skiing in the Trophies is popular.  It was when I moved here in 1989, but when B.C. Parks quit plowing the road, it almost stopped. Fred Erler and I are almost the only visitors in the winter now.  We snowmobile to the parking lot and then snowshoe or AT ski in for a run or two on Little Hill.  We go in 10 to 12 times a winter, and look for use by others. A few do go there, mostly early in the season. I doubt if there is more than a dozen other trips up there.  The parking lot at the bottom is often  very busy in the winter, with guests at the Trophy Mountain Chalet, and skiers snowmobiling up Road 80 for much more challenging skiing. Some people also just snowmobile on Road 80.

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