H.R. MacMillan Cabin trail (page 312)

H.R. MacMillan Cabin trail (page 312)

The Trout Creek footbridge on the MacMillan Cabin trail washed out in July 2020. You may be able to wade across Trout Creek at low water (late summer and fall).

Spahats Canyon footbridge (page 291-292)

On July 2, 2020, a major rainstorm in the Trophy Mountains caused a flood that rushed down Spahats Creek and into the Clearwater River, carrying huge amounts of debris and

Clearwater River Road (pages 131-144)

The road is closed at km 9.4 and impassable. On July 2, 2020, a major rainstorm in the Trophy Mountains caused a flood that rushed down Spahats Creek and into

Moul Falls (pages 299-303)

As of 2020, the Moul Falls trail holds the record for the most popular short trail in Wells Gray Park, short meaning 30 minutes to 1 hour one-way. Consequently, the

Wells Gray Park Cave

A gigantic cave was discovered in April 2018 in northern Wells Gray Park during a government-funded flight to count mountain caribou. An expedition by helicopter to learn more about the

Ray Farm (pages 113-120)

On page 119, there is a note that the three Ray children still live in British Columbia. Nancy Ray (whose married name was Harrison) died in Kamloops on November 4,

TRU Education & Research Centre (pages 53-54)

Despite predictions of the new Education & Research Centre being completed in 2015, very little happened at the site after the sod-turning ceremony in 2013. The building was redesigned several

Wells Gray Guest Ranch (page 55)

Delete the first sentence of the story about the Ranch. It was purchased by new owners in 2018 who welcome travellers off the road. However, the Ranch is a busy

Birch Bluffs Rim (pages 306-307)

The second of the two connecting trails to the Grouse Creek bridge above Moul Falls is signed to McDiarmid Falls, Clearwater River, and Birch Bluffs Rim Trail.

Battle Mountain (pages 275-284)

Battle Mountain Road reopened in June 2018. Two bridges were condemned in 2016, one at 0.5 km from Clearwater Valley Road and the other at 2.5 km. The first bridge

Ludtke Falls (page 212)

(Addition to last paragraph at bottom of page 212) Another Azure Lake waterfall has recently been named Ludtke Falls, after the Ludtke family who homesteaded in the Clearwater Valley starting

Moul Falls via Sabre Tooth Canyon Rim (page 304)

This trail should not be used as described. It crosses a woodlot on Crown Land and extensive logging was done during the winter of 2018-2019.  The logging removed many dead

Old Second Canyon Road trail (page 297)

The trailhead has been improved and is now much more visible. Park where described and the trail down the road embankment is obvious, marked by a metal post with orange

Raft Mountain Summit (pages 241-245)

A Kamloops Hiking Club group, led by Roland Neave, completed all 5 summits of Raft Mountain on August 22, 2015. Here is some new information because Roland was unable to

Backcountry skiing on Trophy Mountain (page 385)

Comment submitted by Tom Meland of Clearwater. You mention that backcountry skiing in the Trophies is popular.  It was when I moved here in 1989, but when B.C. Parks quit

Murtle Lake photo caption (page 204)

Photo caption is wrong. It should read “Murtle Lake sunset. Photo by Deryl Cowie.”

McDougall Falls (page 195)

“McDougall Falls” is spelled wrong in the photo caption.

Flour Meadow Bakery closed (page 10)

The Flour Meadow Bakery has closed. The Hop n’ Hog Tap & Smokehouse opened in May 2015 at this location and is getting good reviews. An excellent bakery nearby is